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Stephanie Morimoto

Owner & CEO


Stephanie is Owner & CEO of Asutra, where we're passionate about helping people take care of themselves on purpose so they can get the most out of life – what we call active self care. Asutra offers over 50 organic, natural products – from natural solutions to help with pain relief and sleep to skincare to bath & body – so you can care for yourself the way you want.

We as women often multi-task intensely and care for others at the expense of ourselves. As a woman who lived this way, and burned out in crazy jobs, Stephanie has seen firsthand the importance of truly caring for yourself – on purpose.

After nearly 20 years serving low-income communities through entrepreneurship and education programs, Stephanie has seen that a combination of high expectations, strong training and coaching, and a belief in every individual’s potential empowers people to secure a better life and accomplish more than they ever thought they could.

This combination of experiences led Stephanie to Asutra. At Asutra, we help people refresh their minds, re-energize their bodies, and replenish their souls through invigorating products activated by organic plants, minerals, and essential oils. We intentionally offer our products at accessible prices so that anyone can benefit from active self care.

At Asutra, we’re proud to provide good jobs with career pathways at a living wage with benefits. Asutra is woman-owned and women-led; 77% of our team are people of color; and 100% of our staff would recommend Asutra as a great place to work.

Stephanie is an enthusiastic board member of Equality Illinois, which advocates for LGBTQ rights; and Naturally Chicago, which creates an ecosystem for natural products companies to thrive. In her spare time, she’s an avid urban gardener who grows everything from tomatoes to lilacs.